Drone Experience Days Vouchers

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the experience of a lifetime with a Drone Experience Day Voucher.

What happens on the day with your 1 Hour Drone Experience Day voucher?

When you arrive please report to reception with your voucher code to hand. Once we have booked you in, one of our friendly members of staff will initially give you a brief talk about the different types of drones and their purposes. From there you will be taken to the simulator area for the first part of your experience. The Simulator is a very important part of the experience, the instructor will show you the controls and give you a demo before handing over to you. Don’t worry if you haven’t flown a drone before, the simulator is designed to get you to grips with the drones controls before flying the real thing. Once the 30 minute simulation is completed, you will then be taken over to the beginner netted flying Zone to fly real FPV (First Person View) drones with the VR googles on linked into the drones cameras. Initially you will be asked to perform some simple manoeuvres, once you feel confident, you can have a free fly. If you really feel like you have got the hang of it then you can do a time trial and enter into our weekly competition and win a drone or voucher. If you have 1 person or more with you then we can run a competitive race for you all.

Thank you for buying our vouchers and we look forward to meeting you at the Worlds First Drone Experience Day Centre. 🙂

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DJI Mavic Air Fly More – Available

  • Mass consumer drone, neither a selfie drone nor a toy.
  • Great balance of size, performance, and price.
  • Excellent imaging and intelligent capabilities.
  • Easy to use for beginners and experienced drone enthusiasts.
  • Most versatile DJI drone yet.
Mavic Air Value Proposition – Mass consumer drone, neither a selfie drone nor a toy. – Great balance of size, performance, and price. – Excellent imaging and intelligent capabilities. – Easy to use for beginners and experienced drone enthusiasts. – Most versatile DJI drone yet.
32 MP Sphere Panoramas Foldable & Portable 3-Axis Gimbal & 4K Camera 3 Directional Environment Sensing SmartCapture 21-Minute Max Flight Time
Key Features
3-Axis Gimbal Camera
The Mavic Air is the most portable DJI drone to house a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, with its angular vibration range reduced to 0.005°. Set in a triangular formation, gimbal dampeners help create even steadier shots.
32 MP Sphere Panoramas
In addition to Horizontal, Vertical, and 180° panoramas, the Mavic Air stitches 25 photos together in just eight seconds to create crystal-clear 32 MP Sphere panoramas.1 View them from an immersive perspective with DJI Goggles.
4K 100 Mbps Video
The Mavic Air shoots video at an incredible 4K 30 fps,
recording at 100 Mbps to capture every second with UHD quality.
Slow-Motion Video
With support for recording 1080p 120 fps slow-motion video,
the Mavic Air captures all your epic high-speed adventures.
HDR Photos
New HDR algorithms help you obtain the right exposure settings intelligently, according to lighting conditions. Overexposed or dark areas are processed for more natural transitions between highlights and shadows, while DSP acceleration allows for more efficient shooting.
HDR Without HDR
12 MP Stills The Mavic Air’s onboard camera integrates a 1/2.3” 12-megapixel CMOS sensor and an f/2.8 lens with a 35 mm equivalent focal length of 24 mm to shoot high-quality photos and videos.
8 GB Internal Storage In addition to a Micro SD card slot, 8 GB of internal storage let you save photos and videos directly to the aircraft and export files through its USB 3.0 Type-C port.
Geometric Elegance
Expressing geometric precision, the Mavic Air’s arms fold flush against its aerodynamic chassis. Magnesium alloy brackets reinforce the seven onboard cameras, and the primary gimbal camera is recessed for better protection while the rear vents dissipate heat efficiently.
3D Foldable Design
As tall and wide as a smartphone when folded, the Mavic Air is an ultraportable drone that stretches the boundaries of what’s possible for a device its size.
Foldable Remote Controller
The dedicated remote controller uses a foldable, low-profile, ergonomic design to hold your smartphone for maximum convenience. Detachable control sticks store inside the remote controller to pack more comfortably on the go.
ActiveTrack can sense up to 16 selectable subjects2 simultaneously, letting you choose the right tracking subject on the go. With higher tracking precision and broader scenario applications, ActiveTrack can follow targets even when they’re running, jumping, or cycling.
Choose from six different QuickShots — Rocket, Dronie, Circle, Helix, Asteroid, and Boomerang. All are just a tap away and will get you those epic selfie drone videos without needing to think about composing your shot. Share your new creations to social media through the DJI GO 4 app instantly.
FlightAutonomy 2.0
Besides dual IMUs, FlightAutonomy 2.0 has more redundant modules to increase the Mavic Air’s safety level. The Vision Compass will assist the navigation system to estimate flight direction when the compass experiences interference. When only one direction of the front, bottom, or rear vision systems is functioning normally, the aircraft will still position itself successfully. There are two sets of sensor fusion algorithms based on two independent hardware platforms. When an error occurs to one set of algorithms, the aircraft will switch to the other pair seamlessly to resume normal functionality.

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World SuperDrone Racing

Our Global TV Series

WSR is a global competition bringing together the best pilots, engineers, and manufacturers from all corners of the world to compete to be crowned the World SuperDrone Champions.

World SuperDrone Racing is a groundbreaking new sport that will see drones been flown at speeds of up to 100 MPH through loops and turns. This modern new racing extravaganza is a team based drone racing championship where teams from all around the world compete.

Teams will be made up of 4 Drone Pilots and will battle it out to be crowned SuperDrone Champions of the World and bag the top prize of £25,000

The World SuperDrone Racing series will be broadcast to millions of homes across the world.


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